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For the love of the game.

I’m now part of the Old Man Golf scene… What does that mean? I dunno, I just want to play golf often and continue my enjoyment with it. I want to be competitive with not only my age group but with those younger than me. I want to hit the ball long and straight and with less strokes each day I play. We all enjoy the camaraderie, a little competition and maybe some bragging rights, don’t we?!

I love living and growing up in America. I’m proud. Not of everything but you better believe I love this country. As a aging man I see things much differently now. I think we all do. A global pandemic has leveled my thinking in the terms of what really matters. I look at my peers, a lot of you, are living life each day, some are not. Each and every day I wonder what can I do to make something fun happen. Especially in these times in life, I feel more empathetic than ever before. 

Now is the time to make that happen. I jumped onboard with my good friend Cedric Ellingson. He thought OMG Old Man Golf was funny. I asked why, and he said fuck you. We laughed and I thought hey now we’ve done some cool shit with our local community, let’s do some cool shit with this…but what? He said it’s golf dumbass, and here we are. 

OMG, which stands for “Old Man Golf,” is a term used to describe a unique style of golfing that is popular among senior players. This style of golfing is known for its emphasis on strategy and accuracy rather than brute strength and distance. Old Man Golfers are known to use a variety of tactics to navigate the golf course, including precise shot placement, conservative play, and clever use of club selection. While it may not be as flashy or exciting as other styles of golfing, OMG has gained a loyal following among seniors who enjoy the intellectual challenge and camaraderie that comes with this approach to the game.

Our Goal for OMG is to provide you with quality products that promote golf, maybe poke a little fun at ourselves, and hopefully along the way we provide in a very small way your enjoyment of golf and the a life well lived, with the idea that we are going to live much longer and hopefully continue to have some fun!

Embrace the fact that we’ve made it this far an have some fun with it. 

OMG – Old Man Golf 
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